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UMIC Quattro-IH Frying Pan 26cm

UMIC Quattro-IH Frying Pan 26cm

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Quattro-IH Frying Pan 26cm

Produsing Area:


Material 1:

4-layer clad material (plate thickness 2.0 mm)

Material 2:

Fluorine resin coating process

Material 3:

Phenolic resin

Material 4:


Item Weight:

About 980g

Product description:

High performance coating of the latest technology. Achieves weight reduction of more than 10% from conventional products. All heat source correspondence. A high-performance fluorescent resin topcoat of the surface and a high-performance fluorescent resin top coat of new adoption enables a surface like a Lotus (Has leaf) where the water droplets fall. Because it has excellent non-stickiness and barrier function, it is difficult to get dirty and easy cleaning. In addition, SiC (silicon carbide) with hardness almost equivalent to diamond is blended into an intermediate coating. The special surface shape that can be felt that you can feel, and the SiC particles that want to compare it will protect the surface of the frying pan from scratches. TEFLONTM Profile Specification.



EMS, Fedex or DHL (include insurance and tracking number)

Handling Time:

Around 5 Business Days

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