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UMIC Iron Takumi Stir-Fry Pan 30cm

UMIC Iron Takumi Stir-Fry Pan 30cm

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Iron Takumi Stir-Fry Pan 30cm

Produsing Area:


Material 1:

Iron (bottom thickness 1.6 mm)

Material 2:

Wood (with hanging ring)

Item Weight:

About 1210g

Product description:

Evolution form of iron frying pan. All heat source correspondence. Since nitriding processing is performed, it is oil-free, and it becomes difficult to stick to it as it is used. It is easy to clean because it is rust. If drying, drying it is OK. You can save effort when storing. It is less likely to be affected by acid and alkali, and any ingredients and seasonings can be used with confidence. Strong and durable with scratches and deformations.



EMS, Fedex or DHL (include insurance and tracking number)

Handling Time:

Around 5 Business Days

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