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Shimogawa Orimono

SHIMOGAWA KURUME KASURI Fabric 10 Slab Plain Black Blue

SHIMOGAWA KURUME KASURI Fabric 10 Slab Plain Black Blue

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KURUME KASURI Fabric 10 Slab Plain Black Blue

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[About Kurume Kasuri]
Showa retro -tailed power loom in which 20 looms connected from one motor operate.
It is Kurume Kasuri Omoto, founded in 1945.
It is a traditional tube fabric that represents Japan.
It features a soft texture close to hand -woven.
There are many manual processes, and it takes 2-4 months to woven 30 processes.
[About the plain of Kurume Kasuri]
The feature of Kurume Kasuri is to express a wide variety of patterns with techniques called kuri.
One of the features is the unique soft texture that is close to hand -woven even in the fabric woven with a power loom.
In each process such as sutra, weaving, and finishing, there are many processes performed by hand without putting a load on the thread as much as possible.
The texture that is born is a proof that has been passed down from the craftsman's hand to the hand. Other than the eliminated processing process, it is plain or striped.
The same craftsman is carefully woven and finished in the same process. Therefore, the softness of the fabric when you first pick up the plain is recognized by many enthusiasts.
[About slabs]
It is interpreted as a type of yarn called fan shyan and is interpreted as a design -designed decorative thread.
It is a thread that has made a long relatively large clause at the point of the thread, and is also called a thread. The feature is that the surface of the fabric has a segment -like spots (masturbation).
Vertical thread 30/2
Horizontal thread 10/1 Slub
Weather width about 38cm
100% cotton
100 % chemical dye dyeing
Natural drying finish (after purchase, it is possible to cut it as it is)
It is a 6m unit cut sale.
The display price is 6m unit price.
The real thing may look slightly different from the image.
note that.
Black Masayo 8a



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