Mino Yaki

Mino ware is a ceramic ware produced in the Tono region in eastern Gifu Prefecture.

Its history dates back more than 1,300 years, to the Nara period.

Mino ware varies in colour, texture and shape. There are four basic styles of Mino ware:
Kiseto - warm yellow
Setoguro - jet black
Shino - milky white, like a citron
Oribe - a deep green

Mino ware comes in a huge variety of colours and shapes and has been used by the Japanese for all occasions.

More than 50% of the ceramics made in Japan today are Mino ware, so it comprises a large proportion of everyday Japanese tableware.

Mino ware has been an important part of Japanese daily life throughout the ages, so people hold a great affection towards this ancient ceramic craft.

Because of their great versatility, Mino ware ceramics can be used in a wide variety of every day circumstances, making them perfect products to suit any occasion.

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