Edo Kiriko - Cut Glass Craft, Shines Brilliantly and Beutifly

Edo Kiriko Cut Glass

Edo Kiriko, Which Shines More Brilliantly with the Reflection of Light.

The cut glass craft of Edo Kiriko has been made in Tokyo since the Edo era. Edo Kiriko is made with "the cut glass method", which cuts on the surface of the glass by hand of a skilled craftsman. Those cut patterns of Edo Kiriko are called “Monyo”. The Monyo is a Japanese traditional motif, and a meaning is loaded each with. For example, "Kiku-tsunagi".The surface of the glass is finely cross cut to represent a chrysanthemum flower.
Chrysanthemums are considered auspicious flowers in Japan and have the meaning of longevity. In addition, the "Kagome" pattern, in which the surface of the glass is cut into a mesh pattern, is meant to ward off evil.
There are more than 10 other patterns specific to Japan: "Asa-no-ha," "Yarai," "Nanako”. You will feel the craftsmanship when you see the beautiful light reflected on the glass.

Edo Kiriko are mainly used as tableware, such as glasses and plates. You will find that the food served on the Edo Kiriko will taste even better. Furthermore, Edo Kiriko is popular as interior decoration. The light and shadows reflected on the Edo Kiriko are spectacular.
Edo Kiriko is used for interior design of the Tokyo Skytree that is a landmark of Tokyo.

Please enjoy Edo Kiriko, which has a long history.

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