I'm D" is a design project initiated by Iwatani Materials, Inc. for a better life with beautiful and functional household products.

Every object that people create is designed.
The tools you use all the time, the furniture, appliances, and accessories in your room, and the clothes you are wearing right now. The clothes you are wearing right now.

They are designed and made by someone else.
And they reflect your taste and sense of style.
What convenience and beauty do you seek? Which elements were fulfilled, all of them, or whether there were compromises?
Everyone says, "This is it. This is what I wanted.
They want to live surrounded by their favorite things.

I'm D" is a design project launched by Iwatani Materials in response to such voices.
Beautiful and functional daily necessities.
We want to design products that, when you hold them in your hands, strike you on the knee and touch your heart.
For a better life for everyone, we declare "I Am Design" with our hearts and voices.

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