Dealing Brand Information - Osaka Suzuki / Tin Tableware Maker

Osaka Tinware is a company specializing in the production of tinware in Osaka, Japan.
The company is headed by a "Contemporary Master Craftsman" and is staffed by five nationally certified traditional craftsmen and twenty men and women.

Characteristics of Tin
Tin does not rust or discolor.
With proper care, you can enjoy its warm luster and gloss forever.
The molecules of tin are coarse, and it is said that tin adsorbs impurities in water and alcohol, mellowing their taste.
Tin is harmless and has no metallic odor, and has been valued as a material for tableware since ancient times.

Because of its high thermal conductivity, tin is also suitable for heating sake (a method of drinking that warms sake).

At times, it is used as an item to decorate a gorgeous banquet.
At other times, it is used as a vessel for quietly storing medicine.

Osaka Naniwa Tinware's "Hon-Tin" tinware, which has been loved throughout the ages, will accompany you in your life.

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