Dealing Brand Information - &Ai / Lifestyle Goods Maker

Ceramic Ai is a company in Gifu Prefecture, Japan, that designs, sells, and wholesales tableware, interior accessories, fabrics, and other household goods made mainly of ceramics, glass, and wood.

What is "&Ai"?
It is one of the brands of Ceramic Ai.
Just like flowers on the table, we make the usual time and space just a little bit special.
The four seasons are the flow of time unique to Japan.
The brand is a line of tableware that reflects the floral scenery of the four seasons on the tableware you use everyday and enjoy at home.
&" has two meanings.
One is "and" and the other is "so.
The flower pattern inherited from "WARAN", the basis of "&Ai", and "And" for the future to expand the new world of Japanese culture... "So".
The flower pattern was named "&Ai..." with the hope that it will be loved by many more people.

AND-Ai" is designed for various situations of users, and aims to create "things" that enrich and enrich their time, providing them with "things" that enrich and enrich their time.